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So thats weekend. :)

A long long sunday filled with many many programs. Tiring yet meaningful..
One more week to formation day and one more month to connexion, then finally my long awaited deserved break. Im so looking forward to August!

This is what i was busy with this afternoon. :)
Weekends always pass so fast!
With nice scenery that calms you down

The plane reminds me of Aug. :)
Spot the cuttie! :)

Now you see me eh.

Alright the cutie is sleepy and eyes closing, so is mine. :(

Good night folks and have a great week ahead! Hwaiting! :)

Monday blues not

Sleepy as usual.. It's going to be a great week ahead (hopefully). Got to complete all my work before I go for my long leave next week for exams.. :(

Looking forward to my malacca trip, Johor food trip and Taiwan in the upcoming months!

I'm so happy with my life now, filled with freedom, meaning and happiness! Comparing my life in the past, I've done a lot more and I have expanded my life quite a fair bit..
Lets create value in our daily lives instead of holding grudges and complaining.

I love my family, friends, gakkai comrades & colleagues! HR30 has really enforce me to treasure every single moment and everyone around me..

Happy Monday! Gambette for the week, gambette for my exam preps! :)


Back to blogging?

Gahx, its been eons since ive touch this little space of mine..

2012 has been a blast (seem quite long ago) and its almost the mid of 2013.. In the midst of my ACCA exam preparation now.. just completed 2 solid weeks of revision night class.. now causing me to have insufficient rest... 2 big ulcers and a swollen gum right now.. how pathetic ehh..

Just 2 months (almost) into my new job.. coping fine with my new job scope and new set of colleagues.. Different location, different people of different personality (as compared to my previous job) to deal with, different industry and different work scope which is slightly more challenging.. I will be fine.. :)

Besides this, as usual im drown with gakkai stuffs and getting round with friends for my fav makan session.. Got to start exercising soon before i get real ROUND. :(

Dying for a holiday soon! Needa break! Last year was HongKong, Genting, Batam, multiple staycation at RWS & one degree 15, and Pulau Ubin (LOL,still a getaway right?), so whats my plan for this year? BKK maybe?

Cant wait for the 10th of June to be over when i can get away with my notes for a while, like one month at least.. Sometimes im wondering why am i spending my precious time with ACCA when i could have catch up more with my beauty sleep.. Who knows i might have a career switch down the road?

With faith we can achieve
With faith we know that we will be
the very best that we can be.

Nov. 17th, 2011

Nothing is comparable to family love. Despite having difficulties be it at work or any other matters, just a smile from your dearest mum and dad will just simply make your day so good.

Love my family loads. :)
Terrible thursday. I miss my old school days.
Crazy workload.. amazing work schedules.

im so tired.. :(


A day of criticism and nonsence. An unhappy day in general.
Why am i always falling at the unfair side?
Or am i really that lousy?

Where did the cheerfulness during my part 3 mths went to? Where did all the courage and confidence in me during the last 3 mths went to?

Sometimes is better to know nothing than to find out something new.

Or if not.. be tactful..




Its 2.13am in the morning.. surprisingly im still awake when i was so tired and sleepy the entire the day.

No idea, somehow, i cant fall asleep.. not emo-ing though..

But but, perhaps, im too overwhelmed with many many commitments all of a sudden.. So much that i cant even do well in any commitments and work. So whats up with me now.. work, chingay, ITAC, 4-division, family, bf and friends.. Each of them holds equally weightage..

gahzz.. I have always been encouraging pple ard me to be independent and be able to juggle time management well... but sometimes deep down, im wondering if im up to standard.. Im definitely confident of my capability, and with my cheerful nature, i will definitely win over all obstacles.. but sometimes, at a certain point of time. how i wish i can freeze time to allow me to take that few minutes of break..

I noe.. im a fortunate kid.. i can feel it and im definitely appreciative of it.. Im so glad to have my family members supporting 24/7, and my silly boy whom is always there for me.. And my ITAC Comrades..

Balance.. yes.. we need that. He needs that, i need that too.

Probably cant sleep due to high stress level.. So many stuffs that i need to take care of, so much stuffs undone..

I need to chant more.. More wisdom to handle situations ard me..

But overall, im still grateful with what i have now..

Gambette jieying. :)

Alright, i try to get to bed now.. gdnite dudes.

Aug. 14th, 2011

im getting scared.. the day is coming.. really near..

Mama <3<3

The journey back home from training was terrible, vomitted on the train. But the awesome feeling came when i reached home to see my mum sitting on the sofa at the living room, waiting to serve me a bowl of birdnest. And also coupled with questions like how are your training schedules and how did i do during the training.

And the best part is, she told me i will have birdnest to eat every week because of hectic working schedule..

我是世界上最幸福的女儿! I love mama loads! <3

Mar. 24th, 2010

Been quite sometime since ive last updated.

Anyway, prelims ended two weeks ago.. but i have yet to restart my engine to prepare myself for the main exam. shucks. im still trying and struggling. Its been a busy week.. till ive got no time to meet ***. ehehhe. Busy with gakkai, SYOG trainings, gatherings and dating. Had ME lecture over the weekend and FM lecture today. Its so damn boring. DD met me after lecture and we headed to CWP to have our sakae dinner. This was what we have eaten, which makes me still so full now. LOOK.


The one on the left is DD's bento, and the one on the right is MINE.. 5 courses plus a bowl of rice..

There are a couple of things i wanna accomplish:
1) Finish up my study plan
2) Learn driving, at least the theory part
3) To pick up teaching piano
4) In the long run: to complete my piano diploma.
5) Try to slp earlier

During the weekend, i met up with the nehnehkiaz despite of my busy schedule! I love going out and bitching ard with them. YAY.


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